Youth Wing

The RESOLVE: Network – Youth Wing, is organised by young leaders throughout the globe through RESOLVE programmes and wider RESOLVE: Network -Partnership activities. The Youth Wing was launched by 32 young people in November 2018 as a network of young peacebuilders.

The Youth Wing is managed by a board of young people from the UK & Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Middle East & North Africa and slowly growing to include other continents such as young people in Colombia, Ghana, South Korea, Indonesia amongst others, as seen during the December 2020 Youth Conference.

The Youth Wing includes a Youth Board, Local Country Representatives and other young people involved in the network or a RESOLVE programme.

The Young Wing’s objectives are:

  • Develop young people as the ‘Peacebuilders of tomorrow’
  • Promote youth-led Social Action in our Communities
  • Transnational & Inter-cultural learning opportunities for Young Leaders
  • Support young people in developing the skills necessary to become Young Leaders
  • Promote regular interaction between young people in a spirit of solidarity and to support each other’s development

To attend a RESOLVE: Network – Youth Wing activity or learn how to join the Youth Board or to apply to become a Country Representative, please email for more details.