RESOLVE: Network

The RESOLVE: Network brings together professionals working in reconciliation, sport for development, the youth sector and wider social action NGOs and experts, as well as young people from the RESOLVE programmes to address the rise of social intolerance in Europe, the Middle East and the Caucasus, as well as wider afield.

Initially, an informal digital network, the RESOLVE: Network aims to hold regular partnership and network seminars on an annual basis transnationally, and more regularly on a local basis to develop pathways of sharing and promote collaboration throughout the sector to fight xenophobia and social intolerance.

The RESOLVE: Network, the first element of which will be developed through the Erasmus+ RESOLVE: East project will initially be a network of youth/professionals/organisations dedicated to the development of a transnational reconciliation network in order too:

  • Develop future community reconciliation professionals;
  • Develop new methods of reconciliation tools;
  • Deliver transnational reconciliation programmes;
  • Develop young people as the ‘Peacebuilders of tomorrow’ and promote youth-led social action;
  • To promote strategic partnerships in reconciliation;
  • Contribute towards theoretical study – As part of the wider RESOLVE Model;
  • Influence policymakers – As part of the wider RESOLVE Model.

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