Erasmus+ RESOLVE:WEST is a reconciliation youth exchange & network programme which aims to use the power of Conflict Resolution tools i.e. Simulation Games, Sport, Practical reconciliation i.e. Mediation, People-to-people dialogue & wider reconciliation tools & learning to resolve local & community-level conflicts which especially affects young people today.

RESOLVE: West is a successor project to RESOLVE: East (2018-2019) which aims to widen the RESOLVE model delivery by engaging with 2 new partners in 2 new countries, while also engaging with a range of new future Peacebuilders through the youth exchange activities and via the network throughout and beyond the project’s lifetime.

RESOLVE: WEST utilises the RESOLVE methods to promote youth reconciliation and it is aimed to be part of the RESOLVE brand to ensure sustainability.

RESOLVE: WEST is a small European-wide partnership involving 4 partners and 4 youth exchange activities in:

  • London, UK; 22-28 February 2020
  • Baku, Azerbaijan; 14-20 March 2020
  • Marrakesh, Morocco; 5-11 April 2020
  • Sarajevo, BiH; 25-31 July 2020.

This youth exchange programme aims to develop young peoples’ skill-sets, sustain a youth-led Network (which was launched in 2018) and support young people to deliver their own local conflict resolution activities through the use of Youth-lead workshops, Sport for Development tools, Simulation games, informal learning, citizenship & democracy and wider tools.