RESOLVE: Sport was a previous RESOLVE project. For information on current projects see RESOLVE: New Youth Order and RESOLVE: West

Erasmus+ RESOLVE: Sport, was a Sport for Peace and Development youth exchange & network programme, which  sought to use the power of Sport and wider reconciliation tools such as Simulation games to resolve local and community-level conflict which especially affects young people today.

RESOLVE: Sport involved 4 partners in total, 3 Programme countries and 1 Partner country. 4 youth exchange activities took place in London, UK; Tbilisi, Georgia; Uppsala, Sweden; Nicosia, Cyprus.

With an emphasis on participants learning how to use Sport for Peace and Sport for Development tools to resolve conflicts, participants were enabled to become social leaders and mediators within their societies using the power of Sport to change their communities. Partners also mobilised wider Conflict Resolution tools, such as Simulation Games, an elaborate tool for training, mocking a real-life situation and projecting the potential outcomes of an action. In most cases, Simulation Games are used to develop the capabilities of the players/participants to take decisions by providing a model of reality and allowing the players to create a dynamic that captures their interest through competition, incentives for success and a scoring component.

Asfar, as an experienced international Youth organisation and designer of methodologies including Adapted Sport techniques for development and conflict resolution, works with partners in countries that experience or have experienced conflict. Partners’ participants learnt how to use Sport for peace through Asfar’s methods to replicate within their own communities to end conflict; build skills; engage with peers from different backgrounds; and address social intolerance.