Committed Partners

RESOLVE: Network – Committed Partners, are NGO, CSOs and other organisations who have formally joined the RESOLVE: Network – Partnership and made a commitment to its sustainment through signing the Partnership Commitment.

The Partnership Commitments are:

  • To work together to achieve the RESOLVE: Network’s Core Objectives.
  • Transnational collaborative working.
  • Co-operation towards our mutual organisational goals throughout the partnership.
  • Co-design & co-develop innovative programmes and activities to support our key target groups throughout the world.
  • An understanding of inter-working & inter-sharing of funding opportunities & partnership building.


Committed Partners opportunities include:

  • Making a difference: A Partnership of committed and like minded CSOs, NGOs, Charities, Social Enterprises and wider bodies to making a difference to young peoples’ lives and ensuring the development of communities.
  • Social Tolerance: Partnership actively working towards addressing Social Intolerance in our communities.
  • Co-operation: Financially beneficial partnership-working through co-operation, such as co-funding partnerships applications, shared opportunities for trainers, project managers and other advisers, and through development consultancy services, in some cases
  • Innovation: Opportunity to co-develop ideas, concepts and projects to benefit local communities
  • Development: Transnational learning and development opportunities which organisations can be involved in.
  • Opportunities: Learning opportunities for our key target groups, such as young people, which supports the development of their skills and in-turn helps to achieve our organisational social objectives.
  • Exchanges: Support your staff training and development through transnational professional exchanges and training activities.
  • Volunteering: Transnational volunteering opportunities, both through formal volunteer programmes and less formal, including Traineeships and Internships to further develop your young people and volunteers.
  • Committed Partner recognition: each partner who signs the partnership commitment is entitled to use the Committed Partner Badge on their website and their organisational marketing to represent their involvement and commitment.


Committed Partners responsibilities include:

  • Sign the Partnership Commitment and adhere by the values and guarantees.
  • Engage, support the development, and promote the RESOLVE: Network to your networks.
  • Support your young people to actively participate in the RESOLVE: Network – Youth Wing and assist with the identification of your countries Local Representatives and members of the Youth Board, as appropriate.
  • Work with the partnership to identify suitable collaborative opportunities, whether funded or social action-based.
  • Ensure you complete any Social Action obligations your young people may have, as part of a RESOLVE project or in connection to the RESOLVE: Network.
  • Send a representative to the network’s Partnership meetings (or attend digitally) or annual Youth Conference, as appropriate.

To learn more, please contact Asfar or email for more details.